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I would like to inform you, that the recent BIW and DIPAC and Asian beam
instrumentation committees had decided about some important changes of the
following beam instrumentation workshops: We will merge the BIW and DIPAC
into a truly International Beam Instrumentation Conference which will circle
around the three regions Asia, America and Europe. After some discussions
and voting a common name was created: IBIC

The following schedule has been fixed:

2011- Last DIPAC in Hamburg, Germany, Chair: Kay Wittenburg;

2012 (May) - Last BIW in Newport News, Virginia, USA, Chair: Kevin Jordan;

2012 (Sept) - 1st IBIC hosted by KEK, Japan, Chair: Toshiyuki Mitsuhashi,

2013- 2nd IBIC hosted by Diamond in Oxford, UK in May

2014- 3rd IBIC in USA

2015 in Asia, 2016 in Europe, 2017 in USA, etc.

What is still missing is a Logo for our new IBIC-Series!

We like to ask herewith the whole community to send us your suggestions, so
that the committees can select and present the final decision at BIW2012.
Please send your suggestions to one of the three recent DIPAC, BIW and IBIC

Thanks a lot for enthusiastic idea-productions and exciting deliveries!


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